Some tips for your car conversion project


Having a car has been the status symbol of the years and will continue for many more years without any dispute. But, in recent years, through a regular increase in fuel and gas prices around the world, keeping the car is becoming quite difficult for many of the owners and finding alternative ways to minimize their fuel investment. . In addition, due to growing concern about the government’s decision in different countries regarding pollution-free vehicles, the day is not absent when there will be no fuel vehicles running on the roads.

Through all these concerns, not only car owners, but also manufacturers have begun to develop strategies to manufacture vehicles that do not run on any type of fuel. As a result of this, efforts to manufacture electric vehicles have gained momentum in recent years around the world and today all manufacturers launch the electric version of their newly launched car, along with its regular versions that run on gasoline. and diesel.

Although this is an interesting and revolutionary step towards the pollution-free environment and has managed to receive the enormous support of people within the world, but on the other side it has also developed lines of tension in the owners’ heads that have luxury cars parked in your yard Because, in the future, when there is no fuel or the government of your country will strictly restrict the use of fuel, will your car be a waste material that will not serve you and your money will go to the waste box?

Interestingly, these owners do not need to have to strain for their car, as they worry about the large number of repair experts offered by the car conversion facilities and the conversion of their existing car into an electric vehicle that is not only efficient in fuel consumption, it is also. Car but also pollution free. In addition to this, you can also find conversion kits available in the market that are easy to use and can be used by people who have little knowledge about the mechanism of the car. In fact, the use of the electric car conversion kit is gaining popularity among drivers struggling with the problem of increasing the fuel consumption of their cars. The power generation efficiency of electric cars is measured in kW instead of bhp, as measured for the car that runs on fossil fuels.

Tips for converting a car: Now the question arises how to convert your existing car into an electric car? Before installing the kit in your car, make sure you have removed items from useless accessories such as a powerful sound system or powerful lights, etc. of your car. In simple words, you have minimized the weight of your vehicle so that it does not consume much of the energy. By converting the car into an electric car, only the gasoline component of your car with electric motors will be removed and the other components, such as brakes, steering wheel, safety features, etc., will remain unchanged.

Advantages of the conversion of automobiles: some of the advantages related to the conversion of electric cars are mentioned below:

1. As the conversion of the car is a project, do it yourself, if you have adequate knowledge about the mechanism of the car, you can easily change it without giving a single cent to the mechanic for the conversion.

2. You will not have to fill any type of gasoline and remain in the queue for filling, but you can load it in your home without consuming much of your time and electricity.

3. There will be a decrease in the emission level generated by your existing car.

4. You can drive at a speed of 65 miles per hour.

5. Finally, last but not least, an interesting feature of the electric car is that it does not emit any kind of sound while driving. Therefore, if you are irritated by the irritating sound of your existing car, converting it will also relax you from this problem.

A look back at the most impressive racing engines

Did you know that race cars must have extremely powerful engines to be winners? In addition to the aerodynamics that have been implemented and the modifications, the engine is what makes the car the ultimate winner.

Let’s start with the famous Formula One Ferrari. One of the most famous engines of F1 was the Ferrari V10 F1. It was a 3.0-liter, ten-cylinder racing car that was responsible for 57 wins.

The Porsche Flat 6 was a 2.0-liter air-cooled engine.

The Porsche Flat 12 has one of the largest engines in the racing industry. There are two flat engines packed in this car. It is a 4.5-liter engine that has 1500 horsepower. You can imagine how narrow the controller must have been to make room for this massive machine.

The Mazda R26B 4-rotor could have been one of the craziest models in the racing industry. Having entered 21 races and only winning one can be a strange statistic. This race was the LeMans and it made a great impression, as it was the only car that was not a conventional piston engine and was a unique brand.

The BMW S14 was the start of the M series Winning the championship but not winning races, it was simply a 2.5-liter engine with only four cylinders.

The Audi R10-18 TDI has undergone many changes over time, but it has always had a memorable engine. Originally, this model was a gasoline engine that had ten cylinders. Now, that’s an incredible amount of power in a single race car.

Each race of cars must be equipped with the best mechanical and electrical parts. The races are there to demonstrate the quality of the car before going to the streets of the city. Race cars also test how well an engine can withstand extreme conditions such as heat, rain and snow.

Race tracks are also the best places for tire manufacturers to test their new products. Rubber must withstand heat and friction for long periods of time and the day of the track is the time to test it.

Minty’s is among the leading tire suppliers in South Africa and is recognized for our high level of customer service. We have built a reputation among our customers and ensure that they receive the highest quality alloy wheels and rims, among the largest brands in the entire country.

See a brief description of the Ford Mustang 2019

2019 Ford Mustang – Introduction

Every time we talk about the best car, it involves a car with the best technology, which has the best features and a super efficient machine system. Undoubtedly, Ford is one of the most acclaimed manufacturers in the automotive industry. Annually, automotive companies try to design and manufacture new cars that must meet the requirements of customers. The automobile is a popular automobile, since it has a series of characteristics, attributes and, therefore, many prefer to invest in such vehicles. The new 2019 Ford Mustang will hit the market in 2019, as decided by the Ford team.

2019 Ford Mustang – Exterior and Interior

The appearance of the Ford Mustang 2019 is charismatic. It has approximately 4.7 liters of V8 engine of small and straight block. Different shades of this vehicle are available. The car is available in different shades. It has a rain detection cleaner that forms the key external attribute. In addition, the car has other features such as tire camouflage wheels, attractive headlights, metal body.

2019 Ford-mustang Interior GT

Although the new car has certain attributes that are different from previous versions, the wheelbase remains the same. There is a marginal lower light controlled by reserve frames. It is expected that the new model has fog lights, an attractive rear spoiler and a quadruple edge, useful drainage channels. The wheels of the Ford Mustang 2019 are made of camouflage tires. The exterior if the car is attractive and the interior is wide. The seats are covered in leather. They are controlled independently. The interior of the car has a range of entertainment for those who prefer to use it to travel. Other features of the vehicle include the control wheel, power window, control buttons, lights, car lights, rain sensor wipers and telephones. There are safety features that should not be missing in the vehicle. Stops the sensor, the rear camera and airbags make the car ideal for travel.

2019 Ford-Mustang – Engine and performance

It is assumed that the 2019 car version has engines that produce 300 horsepower if the power, 280 pounds of torque. The engine of the car gives the pilot 6-acceleration. It is reported that all the engines of the cars will be equipped with turbochargers.

Ford Mustang 2019 – Approximate price and release date

It can be said that the car is expensive for average people. The car cost $49,000 – $ 66,490

The 2019 Ford version of the car has a number of features that make it popular with users. It inherits some of the characteristics of its previous versions. In addition, there are some additional features of this vehicle that make it truly incredible to drive. The car has attractive exterior and interior features. It has a high performance engine that makes it really amazing to drive. The exterior of the car has a super metallic body that gives it a truly charismatic look. However, for the mediocre, it can be a costly matter to invest in these vehicles. For additional information about the vehicle, it is recommended to visit the relevant content available online.

Classic car shows – A gift for the car lover


Have you ever wondered what it must be like to own a classic car? A car that is a marvel of human ingenuity and a testimony of excellence made by man? Have you ever wondered why beautiful cars are compared to beautiful women? Why are they so appreciated by their owners that wives take care of them and even harass them? Have you reflected on the pride that the owner of such a classic car could feel? The ownership of classic and classic cars is not for everyone. Not only is it an expensive pastime, but finding and owning vintage cars is a rarity. They are objects of passion and delight of a connoisseur. It is an entrance to an exclusive clique, of which only a few can be part and the rest can aspire.

The opulence of wooden boards, the luxury of handmade leather seats, the sheer pleasure of an almost silent but powerful engine buzz, the picturesque sounds of the horns of a bygone era … is the remnant of a moment when the frenetic pace of life was calmer when things were simply enjoyed and pleasures delighted. In fact, it is ironic that the cars of today are bought for speed, efficiency and maneuverability, however, these same elements were not important factors a few decades ago. At that time, the cars were bought by the surprise factor, to enjoy the experience of moving at a leisurely pace from one point to another, its size destined to impress with its greatness.

The traffic was minimal, so one moved at quiet speeds on semi-empty roads, often a little faster than a child on his bike. Ohhs and ahhs would follow in their wake. These classic cars were carefully attended by their owners, polished for hours until the accessories shone, with livery drivers and, sometimes, even with the patriarch of the family taking a turn at the wheel.

Then the times changed. The newer models arrived and occupied a central place, and the production of these great classic cars declined and finally stopped altogether. Now these beautiful old cars are only found in classic car shows. These are held periodically throughout the world and car enthusiasts flock to them. To glimpse these wonders of engineering and to indirectly enjoy the thrill of possession, these car shows are always popular and generally well attended. There are car magazines and online websites that cater to such car enthusiasts, who remember data and figures of the year of manufacture, engine capacities, the number of existing cars, the power … and others. In fact, there is often a festive atmosphere like that of a carnival in these classic car shows. Stalls are set up to sell different products, there is cotton candy in one corner and a master of ceremonies with a microphone in his hand, which encourages the crowd to cheer and clap all the cars, as it takes a majestic turn at a fast pace. quiet around a track. We must remember that these cars are not only objects of admiration; They also have to be examples of mobility. All engines must be in working condition with original parts.

Each year, the classic car show schedule is a block of exhibitions that are annual or even biennial events around the world. Car owners, car lovers, enthusiasts, dilettantes or even families who leave on a Sunday … all are welcome to these extravagances. The cars reign with all the attention and during those few hours, all the attention remains in them.

A new technique of car theft

We live in a fast-paced society and that includes the development of technology. Technology can be a great tool to facilitate our lives in many ways. However, with great technology comes a great responsibility. It’s easy for technology to consume your life.

With this story, that is the case. The thieves caught in the surveillance camera were recorded walking to cars and pulling the handles. Usually, at this point, you would see broken windows or open doors. In other words, a lot of damage would usually be done.

It’s easy enough to manipulate, according to technology experts, especially since most vehicles use a keyless method to unlock and lock their vehicles. It is easy to create something that manipulates the vehicle so that it thinks that the owner with the remote control of the car is nearby, even when it is not.

This case took place in recently but it is not strange that it happens in other places. The losses of the victims included a jujitsu belt and some boxing gloves, estimated at around $30. Fortunately, there was nothing extremely valuable for the victim in the vehicle. Again, the thieves left no evidence or damage in addition to the contents of the glove compartment that was scattered around the passenger seat.

Although this new technique can be difficult to prevent, there are some factors that must be taken into account when trying to prevent theft. First, remember to avoid leaving something valuable in your vehicle, especially when leaving at night. If you are doing errands and you should leave something in your vehicle, experts advise that you leave it in the trunk or under a towel or blanket.

It also helps to install additional security systems and anti-theft devices in your car. Reduces the cost of your auto insurance and prevents theft of belongings. It also helps to add security systems around your home to expose the criminals, as did the surveillance images.

Another tip that can reduce the possibility of a break is to park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Most thieves will not target a vehicle in an area that has relatively bright lighting because it increases the likelihood of being caught.

This also makes your vehicle an easier target for thieves, as there will be fewer people around.

Remember, car thefts are quite common and now technology makes it even easier to unlock and get on vehicles. Always lock your vehicle when you leave it and, again, never leave valuables like money or electronic items in your car.

Also, watch out for any suspicious behavior of the people surrounding the cars, as this could be criminals at work. Report anything unusual or unsafe to the authorities immediately.

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