Top 8 questions to ask a used car dealer before buying

You are looking for a new car and you have decided to buy it used. Smart choice! With the price of gasoline and the state of the economy, disbursing all that extra money for a new car when a used car can be as efficient as fuel and a much better offer is like throwing your cash into your fuel tank. automobile and literally burning that money.

Craigslist, eBay, car ads and used car search engines like iSeeCars make finding used cars for sale much easier than ever. But you have to be careful, there are probably some lemons out there that will leave you with more than a bitter taste in your mouth. Making an important purchase like a car, even if, or maybe especially if it is a cheap used car, requires you to do all your homework. Stay in control and no one can take the wool out of your eyes!

These are the top eight questions you should ask a used car dealer before signing on the dotted line:

1: Can you tell me why you are selling this car? Used car dealers may not know (but they may know why the last owner sold it to them), but all private sellers that you find through Craigslist, eBay or auto classifieds should respond. If possible, observe their facial expressions when they respond, too, in case they are not entirely honest. If they are moving or can no longer afford car payments, the car is more likely to be of higher quality. If it is because it is very old or has required many repairs, make sure you know if the price is fair and understand what you are getting into.
2: What is the mileage of the car? The mileage of the car plays an important role in determining the value of the used car. And remember that used car odometers can be manipulated, so you should ask …
3: Will you allow a test drive? Any used car dealership should have no problem allowing you to test your used cars for sale in the city. Private sellers may be more reluctant, but reassure them that they will be allowed to accompany them on the trip. Driving tests are essential to detect problems with the car and to make sure the car is right for you. You may also notice if the odometer seems to be “stuck” or has problems.
4: Will you allow me to do my own inspection? If they have a good reputation, both used car dealerships and private sellers should have no problem getting you to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection.
5: Is there any warranty in the car? If you are buying from a used car dealer, go for certified used cars. A lot of used car dealerships offer 112-point inspections and two-year / 20,000-mile warranties on used cars from low to average mileage.
6: Has this car ever been restored or had an accident? If the used BMW car that caught your eye was in an accident, there could be more damage under that freshly painted coat than it looks.
7: What is the history of the vehicle? Certified used cars and other used cars for sale at used car dealerships must include historical vehicle reports. (Often, these are even available when you search for used cars online). Used cars for sale by the owner can have official vehicle history reports, but if they do not, they should be able to buy them online at sites such as Carfax or Autocheck using the VIN # of the car.
8: What are the special characteristics of the car? If the CD player, navigation system or GPS, leather seats or anything else that is “extra” is important to you, ask if they are available in the used car you are considering and if they are still in good condition. condition.

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