Classic car shows – A gift for the car lover


Have you ever wondered what it must be like to own a classic car? A car that is a marvel of human ingenuity and a testimony of excellence made by man? Have you ever wondered why beautiful cars are compared to beautiful women? Why are they so appreciated by their owners that wives take care of them and even harass them? Have you reflected on the pride that the owner of such a classic car could feel? The ownership of classic and classic cars is not for everyone. Not only is it an expensive pastime, but finding and owning vintage cars is a rarity. They are objects of passion and delight of a connoisseur. It is an entrance to an exclusive clique, of which only a few can be part and the rest can aspire.

The opulence of wooden boards, the luxury of handmade leather seats, the sheer pleasure of an almost silent but powerful engine buzz, the picturesque sounds of the horns of a bygone era … is the remnant of a moment when the frenetic pace of life was calmer when things were simply enjoyed and pleasures delighted. In fact, it is ironic that the cars of today are bought for speed, efficiency and maneuverability, however, these same elements were not important factors a few decades ago. At that time, the cars were bought by the surprise factor, to enjoy the experience of moving at a leisurely pace from one point to another, its size destined to impress with its greatness.

The traffic was minimal, so one moved at quiet speeds on semi-empty roads, often a little faster than a child on his bike. Ohhs and ahhs would follow in their wake. These classic cars were carefully attended by their owners, polished for hours until the accessories shone, with livery drivers and, sometimes, even with the patriarch of the family taking a turn at the wheel.

Then the times changed. The newer models arrived and occupied a central place, and the production of these great classic cars declined and finally stopped altogether. Now these beautiful old cars are only found in classic car shows. These are held periodically throughout the world and car enthusiasts flock to them. To glimpse these wonders of engineering and to indirectly enjoy the thrill of possession, these car shows are always popular and generally well attended. There are car magazines and online websites that cater to such car enthusiasts, who remember data and figures of the year of manufacture, engine capacities, the number of existing cars, the power … and others. In fact, there is often a festive atmosphere like that of a carnival in these classic car shows. Stalls are set up to sell different products, there is cotton candy in one corner and a master of ceremonies with a microphone in his hand, which encourages the crowd to cheer and clap all the cars, as it takes a majestic turn at a fast pace. quiet around a track. We must remember that these cars are not only objects of admiration; They also have to be examples of mobility. All engines must be in working condition with original parts.

Each year, the classic car show schedule is a block of exhibitions that are annual or even biennial events around the world. Car owners, car lovers, enthusiasts, dilettantes or even families who leave on a Sunday … all are welcome to these extravagances. The cars reign with all the attention and during those few hours, all the attention remains in them.

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